Our mission

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Play It Forward (PIF) endeavors to be a comprehensive resource
for the working, independent musicians of the Tri-State.

  • PIF is a 501 (c) 3 acknowledging the importance of the independent musician to the cultural economy of the Tri-State.
  • As working members of the cultural economy, PIF keenly understands the risks and benefits our musicians face.
  • PIF employs current technologies and resources keeping our members reliably up to date.
  • PIF understands the potential of financial and health risks of the region´┐Żs independent musician.
  • PIF seeks to educate, empower, and create an awareness in musicians on business and legal aspects of the entertainment industry
  • PIF will facilitate access to affordable physical, mental health, and substance abuse care
  • PIF offers support to musicians in times of catastrophic unforeseen circumstances.
  • PIF acknowledges the wide variety of competition independent artists face in performance and in life.
  • PIF strives to be a service partner to those whose creativity serves the region.
  • To do so, PIF will recruit and engage business leaders across the spectrum so we may benefit from their enthusiastic knowledge.

Play It Forward
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